Business Performance & Accountabilty

For Business Leaders


Running your own Real Estate business is no small feat, you should be proud of the countless hours you have spent refining your real estate skills and the team you have put together (if you have reached that stage).


But do you spend enough time on building your business? 


More importantly, is the time you spend on the business put towards the areas that will grow your business and improve profitability?


Real Estate businesses tend to fall into one of three categories.


  1. Struggling, having trouble making profit, often in debt
  2. Stagnant, making “okay” profit but not with room for growth
  3. Growing, building a team and profitability with a clear strategy


A huge percentage of real estate businesses are either struggling or stagnant, it’s actually the minority that are growing – and guess what? 


They aren’t doing it alone, they reach out to experts in business to help put in place strategies that work.



For Sales People & Business Development Managers


Are you an above average or below average performer in you role as salesperson or business development manager?


All consistent performing sports people have performance coach to point them in the right direction & keep them on track to achieve their goals. 


Real Estate is no different.


Who is holding your accountable? Does you business owner have the time & know how to help you achieve your goals.


A performance coach can add clarity to what you need to be doing, putting the process & framework to allow you to perform to the level that you require & to do it consistently.


Once you understand the metrics in your business, you create predictability in your income